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Safe Hair Removal in Brentwood, TN

Current Electrolysis & Aesthetics provides certified safe hair removal in Brentwood, TN. Our practice will give you the best quality treatment. Electrolysis requires some patience, but the effects are truly permanent. Most patients see results after several treatments, but complete removal can take 8-24 months. This variance is due to the unique conditions and situations of every patient. Clients will likely need weekly or bi-weekly appointments for the first few months. As treatment progresses, the sessions become less frequent and shorter in length until they are no longer needed.

smiling woman with perfect skin

The Experience of Electrolysis Treatment

Electrolysis is nearly painless and has minimal side effects. Most patients describe the treatment as a slight warming sensation. Others describe it as a small pinch that is very tolerable. Because different parts of the body have different nerve endings, some areas may be more sensitive than others. This method has very few chances of regrowth and no permanent side effects. After a session, you may experience slightly reddish or tender skin. Temporary pinpoint scabbing is also possible and heals quickly after a short period. During your consultation, your electrologist will advise you on what to expect during treatment.


Cost and Treatments

The cost of electrolysis varies depending on the amount of hair to remove, the number of sessions needed, and the time required. We charge per appointment. Each session lasts between 15 to 60 minutes or longer. Individual rates available when you book online. The cost per session is typically between 30 to 200 dollars depending on the area and hair quality. We work within your budget and personalize your treatment plan to fit your needs. Every client receives a consultation to address their health history and questions they may have. After the consultation, there is an electrolysis treatment, included is an after-care gift bag. Once the treatment is completed, we will make our recommendations and discuss a specific treatment plan that works for each client.